Wine Tasting Experience In London

Wine Tasting is on my Fifty B4 Fifty for a very good reason – I love wine!

Wine is my favourite alcoholic drink both at home and when out socialising with or without a meal.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy a cocktail or two at the beginning of a night out and a liqueur at the end of the evening but I love wine.  I enjoy drinking wine anytime, on its own or with a meal.  Equally you can enjoy a glass of wine on your own or with a group of people.


Although I love the taste of wine I have never thought about why I like certain wines more than others.  I am also in awe of people who can tell the name of a wine from one small sip.  I know its like anything else the more you practice the better you will be, but even so I think it is a very skillful art.

Also as mentioned above wine is probably my favourite alcoholic drink.  I like to absorb as much information as possible about anything that I have an interest in.


Initially I explored the idea of visiting a vineyard but guessed that I would only be tasting their wines.  Also going to a vineyard means someone would have to drive, so what’s the point if you can’t have a drink.  I signed up to a wine tasting experience in London with Connoisseur.  You can book directly with Connoisseur or through one of the many experience companies.  Their wine tastings are held in conference rooms of two hotels in Bloomsbury.

I had no idea how many people would be attending  or what to expect.  On arriving at the conference room we took at a seat at one of the tables and introduced ourselves to our fellow wine tasters.  There were four round tables each with approximately 10-12 people.  Each place was set out with a wine tasting form surrounded by eight glasses.  With the exception of one all of the glasses contained wine which ranged from a pale white to a dark red.


Before we were allowed to taste the wine we had to do some theory work.  Yes can you believe it these glasses of wine were staring at me and saying drink me but first of all I had to learn about the different aromas and tastes.

To start with we were given some smelling beads which we had to shake and then discuss on our tables what we thought each smell was.  I was amazed at how many smells I was able to recognise and this in turn gave me more confidence.

After learning to recognise the smells we were allowed to pick up the first glass of wine and to smell the wine and the glass.  From just the smell we were able to recognise some of the smells we had learnt about minutes before.


Finally we were allowed to taste the wine.  By tasting the wine I mean the first mouthful we had to swish around in our mouths several times and then swallow.  The second sip was then we could taste the notes of the wine.

We made notes of the smells and tastes we discovered and wrote them down.  Everyone then discussed their finds firstly on the table and then as a group.

We proceeded to go through the next few glasses of white wine in the same manner.  Following the whites, we tasted a Rose.  Next it was the turn of the empty glass and a sparkling wine was poured just before our tasting.  Finally it was the turn of the Reds, again tasting in the same way. I prefer to drink white wine and have tried very few reds but even I could pick out the notes from smelling and tasting the wine.  The last wine of the evening was a sweet white wine which you could drink with a dessert.


Most definitely, especially if wine if your favourite tipple.  There are more courses available such matching the right wine to the right food.  I will be looking to try more of these courses in the future.


Wine Tasting Notes

Can you believe I had to stare longingly at these glasses for nearly an hour before being able to have my first sip – I was so disciplined!


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