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Weight Watchers – Why I have joined

Yes you’ve probably guessed by now that I have joined Weight Watchers, but Why?????


About Fifteen years ago I was over a stone heavier that I am now.  In two years of eating sensibly and not going without I lost over three stone.  Furthermore I managed to maintain my weight for some considerable time thereafter.


However, as with most things over time we become complacent and the pounds (and stones) started to go back on.  To be honest I did not notice this at first as it was very gradual – we are talking three to four pounds a year.  However every season when I changed over my wardrobe my clothes would be a little bit tighter or not fit at all.  I would put them to the back of the wardrobe and convince myself that I would fit into them in a few weeks.  One season would roll into another season and guess what the clothes still did not fit.  I told myself to put them away for six months by which time you would fit into them and the circle of my weight/clothes/seasons continued.

In November I went on holiday to Cuba and had a fantastic time.  The evenings are usually when I love  to dress up, but not his time.  I had worked out all my outfits starting with the tightest fitting dress to the dress which had the most room as I knew by the end of the holiday I would have put on more weight.  I have never been like this before and did not like the way I felt or what I was doing.

With Christmas round the corner I knew it was not the right time to start a diet, and so there goes another excuse.

In the new year I convinced myself that I could lose weight by myself again.  I might add that at this point I hadn’t even set one foot on the scales so had no idea how heavy I was.

January rolled into February and apart from the odd swim I had not made any effort.  So when a colleague mentioned that they might join Weight Watchers online I immediately said ‘I’ll go to the meetings with you’.  Later that same day in the evening I had signed up online.

I am not normally an instantaneous person and like to think and plan things through.  However, I think I wanted to lose weight so much that I didn’t even think twice.


Weight Watchers

My haul from my first Weight Watchers Meeting

I have attended my first meeting and stepped on the dreaded scales for the first time.  I have put on approximately two stone since I went to Weight Watchers all those years ago.  Ideally this is what I would like to lose but we will have to wait and see.

My coach, Karen is very friendly and everyone at the meeting made me feel welcome.

I have made my first dessert the Weight Watchers way – Lemon Meringue Pie.  This was delicious and I still can’t believe that there were fewer points in this than a normal yogurt.  I am going to try some more recipes in the next few months.  Weight Watchers to me is about re-educating my eating habits and learning to eat healthily whilst still enjoying the nice things in life.

Every month I am going to post a little update of my Weight Watchers journey.  Firstly so I can tell you about any tips or tricks I discover on my journey.  Secondly if I am committing myself to writing updates I’ve got to go!

I would love to hear your comments or you have any tips or tricks?


Weight Watchers Lemon Meringue Pie

One of my favourites Lemon Meringue Pie made using the Weight Watchers recipe.

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