Weight Watchers – My First Three Smile Moments

First Smile Moment

It is less than two months since I started my weight loss journey with Weight Watchers.  The first few days I followed the programme to the letter and noted down every bite. To my delight when I stepped on the scales a week later I had lost 2 lbs.

Although I have been following the programme I have not gone without and I am actually eating more.  I am now though more aware of the nutritional value of the foods which I am eating.

My first smile moment was when I noticed the difference in my shape.  This was only 4 weeks after starting the programme.  The weather forecasters had predicted an unusually warm day for March and I was going to London to watch 42nd Street.  Normally I would have worn a pair of leggings/stretch jeans and a shirt to cover all my lumps and bumps.  However, I daringly tried on a pair of trousers which I only wore once last summer (before they became too tight).  We had gone out for a drink and curry and halfway through the evening I had to nip to the toilets to undo the button.  I could not wait to get home and take the trousers off and had not worn them since.

I tried the trousers on and they were actually BIG around the waist and fitted comfortably everywhere else. Furthermore I walked around London all afternoon, had a bite to eat and went to the theatre and they still didn’t feel tight

Second Smile Moment

The first couple of weeks I had a 2 lb weight loss followed by 1.5 lb.  My weight then started to slow down.  However I was in no way disappointed as I had upped my exercise.

As well as walking for at least twenty minutes every day I have started swimming again.  I set myself a target of 16 lengths (400 metres) of my local pool and was over the moon when I managed this on my first attempt.  Okay I am not denying my legs ached and it seemed to take forever.  However over the last few weeks my speed together with the distance I swim has increased and I am now up to 40 lengths which is 1000 metres in just over half an hour.

At the beginning of the year I would have never envisaged taking up swimming again.  It is only the will power and determination to want to succeed at Weight Watchers that has pushed me on and on.

Third Smile Moment

I have saved the best to last.  Being the Tuesday after Easter I was not expecting a loss.  I want Weight Watchers to teach me lifestyle changes and I don’t want to be on a diet forever.  I still want to go out and enjoy myself and at times such as holidays and socialising I want to be able to eat what I want.  After all if I deprive myself of any goodies I will only crave them and eating the goodies I have craved together with any alternatives I have tried to replace them with.  So at Easter I had a few treats, such as eating out, a few glasses of wine and prosecco and of course hot cross buns.

I stepped on the scales rather sheepishly hoping I would STS (stay the same). To my delight I had lost 0.5lb!  Okay so it’s not a lot but that 0.5 lb added to all my other losses made half stone, yes I had lost my first half stone.  My weight loss is currently averaging on 1 lb a week which I am more than happy with.

My Weight Watchers Smile Moment

Every time I look at this certificate I have a little smile moment

My half stone loss has given me even more determination.  I now have only eight weeks before my holiday and hope to lose a little more.  I will be doing one more update just before my holiday, let’s hope it’s good news!


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