Three More Theatre Reviews including Cinderella

I have three more theatre reviews including one of my favourite pantomimes Cinderella.  I have also recently seen Nice Fish and The Last five Years.

NICE FISH at The Harold Pinter Theatre

Do you ever book/do anything without thinking.  Usually I don’t.  I am a planner and I need to work everything out before going ahead with anything.  However, less than a week back from my holiday to Cuba and suffering from a cold I received via email an opportunity to buy tickets for the press night for this comedy play.  My sensible head totally switched off and in not time at all I had booked tickets for the press night the following evening.

The show started at 7.00 p.m. and there was a real buzz all around.  We were seated in the balcony but to be honest we could see absolutely everything.  It is just a very long climb to the top!

Nice Fish stars Mark Rylance who has gone fishing with his friend Erik (Jim Lichtscheidl).  What you get is a series of comedy sketches mostly played out by Mark and Jim with a couple of other characters.  All the sketches were funny and it was 90 minutes of continuous laughter.  I did find however that the sketches with Mark Rylance were more entertaining than those without him.

Although the view from the balcony was fine for this play I found the bar area very small and there was only 1 ladies toilet which was in great demand before and after the show.

Nice Fish is at The Harold Pinter Theatre

THE LAST FIVE YEARS at St James Theatre

Starring Samantha Barks and Jonathan Bailey as Cathy and Jamie the musical tells the story of their five-year relationship.  There is hardly any spoken word and it is one song after another.  A lot of the time there is only one actor on stage singing and as their number comes to end the other actor will appear.  At first it seemed odd only having two actors.  However the acting is so dramatic and real that you become involved in their relationship and would not want to be looking at anyone else.

The theatre is very modern and at first you do feel like you are waiting for a conference as opposed to a show.  However being a modern venue there is ample space in the bar area.  It is nice to have toilets which flush properly (this is not the case in a lot of old theatres).

St James Theatre has recently been acquired by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.  The name of the theatre is changing in February to The Other Palace.  I understand that this space will be used to show new musical theatre.  This is most definitely somewhere I will be keeping my eye on in the future.

Samantha Barks and Johnathan Bailey are amazing

CINDERELLA at The London Palladium

When I found out that my favourite Panto was going to be staged in one of my favourite theatres, I booked my Christmas Theatre outing .  It did feel strange at the time booking a Christmas Panto in the middle of Summer because winter was the last thing on my mind.

Cinderella is probably one of the most popular pantos so you might well ask why go all the way to the West End to see this?  Well let me share a few reasons with you.

  • A Star Studded cast including Julian Clary, Paul O’Grady and Amanda Holden.  For me there were two people who stole the show first is the very funny Julian Clary and his many outfits as Dandini.  The second is Paul Zerdin who played Buttons.  Paul is a very talented British ventriloquist who won the 10th series of American’s Got Talent.
  • The costumes were amazing, bright and bold just like a panto should be.
  • As with all panto’s there were a lot of jokes and one liners.  Some of the jokes may not be suitable for children.  However on the night I visited was there were more adults than children.  Furthermore they were told in such a way that there were two different endings depending on your thoughts.
  • The story – ok so you might think it is Cinderella and that’s that.  Wrong – the creative team behind this Panto have very cleverly written The Palladium into the story.  This for me made the Panto feel more personal.
  • The magic – I don’t want to spoil it for you but there are some magical moments.

If you want a fun-filled couple of hours in my opinion nothing beats Panto.  Why not give it a go and unleash the child in you again?

Fun and Laughter from start to finish

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