Why Your Theatre Experience is Important

As an avid theatre lover I think your whole Theatre Experience is important and not just the actual show or play.  By this I mean from the moment you step into a theatre to the time you step out.  After all if you are having a good time before the show starts and during the interval you will be sitting down in your seat in a relaxed manner and will enjoy the show much more.

Can a Poor Theatre Experience Spoil the Show?

YES I believe it can.  I recently went to see one of London’s newest musicals at one of London’s prime theatres.  Although, I loved the show the night will be remembered for the wrong reasons.  I am not going to go into the detail or disclose the show or theatre as mentioned below I only like to promote good experiences.

With this in mind I have decided to review the venues in more details.

Previously I have written a little about the show and also tried to include a little about the theatre and the amenities offered.  However, I have changed my direction for the following reasons:-

  • Firstly, I get so wrapped up in the show that I do not want to stop and make notes.  I am not and do not try to be a critic.  I also find that everyone’s view of a play or musical is different and unless you have the same like and dislikes as the critic you will never like the same show.
  • Secondly, I like to promote good customer experiences and value for money on my blog.

My Theatre Experiences

I am intending to write about my experience before, during and after the show.  It is not my intention to promote bad customer experience so I will not be naming and shaming.  I will therefore only be mentioning shows and theatres from which I have received a positive theatre experience.

Within my reviews I am going to include all the usual, e.g. bars – availability and prices, seat comfort and toilets.  I will also mention any poor theatre etiquette be fellow theatre patrons.  I have previously written a post about poor theatre etiquette which you can read here http://wp.me/p7rPYs-4f.

Like most theatre fans I love going to the theatre in the West End.  However, I also like to visit Off West End Theatres which offer a quickiness which you won’t find in larger theatres.

I also try to visit theatres local to my home in the South East as much as possible and will be highlighting some of these in the future.

Have you been to any unusual theatres? Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.


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