Secret Shopper

I just love shopping!


Secret Shopper is the title of a new category on my blog.   This short post is to introduce you to what I intend to write about.

Basically, I love shopping, any kind of shopping, clothes especially but also homeware and food.  I use to go shopping everything week and would never come home empty handed.  Even if I did not buy anything for me I still had to buy something, whether it was a birthday present or just a little thank you present.

That said I must admit my days of waiting for the shops to open at 9.00, and staying out until they close and have long gone.  Previously I had visited every shop in the high street whether they sold what I wanted or not.  I am now more choosy as to which shops and shopping malls I visit.

Nowadays we have much more choice as to where we shop, how we shop and what time of the day we shop.

I have some topics which I am going to base my posts upon.  To give you a bit of a taster I will explain them very briefly:-


In Secret Shopper I want to write about the ‘shoppers experience’.  By this I mean the anything from ease of parking to changing rooms.   I recently spent a day in Oxford Street trying on clothes (for the purposes of research!).  This is my first post in this topic, and will be available soon.


In future posts I will be looking at High Streets, Shopping Centre and Retail parks.  I think they can all offer different benefits and I want to show what is best about each of them.


Nowadays we do a lot of our shopping online.  Amongst other topics, I want to look how easy websites are to navigate.


This section of Secret Shopper is still in the developmental stage.  I keep changing my mind what to do so I might start out down one avenue and at the crossroads go in another direction.  Basically this section is for reviews, and it might be a product review if I find a particularly good product.  Alternatively, it could also be of a review of the service received in a shop/restaurant or a stay in a hotel.  I intend to keep each review brief and to do a monthly roundup.  However, If I find an outstanding product or receive exceptional service that I think you need to know about sooner rather than later I will make an exception.  Like I say this might change if I feel I am not going in the right direction.

I have lots of other ideas which I hope to share with you in the near future – I just love shopping so much!

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