My New Years Resolution

WP_20160416_11_28_17_ProNumber Two on my Fifty B4 Fifty list is to keep a New Years Resolution for one complete year .  I will try to keep it longer if I can!

Whilst thinking about starting a blog and having ideas for my Fifty b4 Fifty at the end of last year, I had made up my mind to make a New Years Resolution.  I can honestly say that I have never made one before as I simply could not be bothered.  To be honest I am one of those who does not like to be restricted on what I can and can’t do.

I thought carefully about what I could do as I am a finisher.   As I do not give up things and like to see everything through to the end I knew I had to be realistic.  I do not smoke and there was no way I was going to give up my bottle of wine of a weekend so started to think outside of the box.

Two days before New Years Eve on a bright cold day I was going to take the car to stock up on a few items at my local supermarket.  I only needed a few basics (we were still eating turkey and gammon and all the Christmas treats).  I decided to walk as I certainly needed to burn a few calories.  Especially after eating too many mince pies and sausage rolls.  Within about fifteen minutes I arrived at the supermarket, bought what I needed and nothing more (after all I had to carry it) and walked back home.  The complete trip took no longer than an hour and I’d had some fresh air and exercise.  With this in mind I thought ‘DING’.  My New Years Resolution would be not to take the car to buy any food shopping.

I have now completed over three months and I have not visited any supermarket by car during this period.  I’ve highlighted all the positive points below.WP_20160416_11_33_32_Pro

  1. Exercise – Walking is a great form of exercise.  On an average trip and including walking around the supermarket we can be walking for an hour.
  2. Stamina – Carrying bags full of shopping has definitely improve my stamina.  After all I can’t exactly stop when I am halfway hope.
  3. Spend Less – Without a doubt we have spent less.  We only buy what we can carry.  We are therefore less likely to be tempted on any 3 for 2 or any items which they put at the end of the aisle.  Before I put anything in the basket I check if is A. on my list and B. can I carry it?
  4. Less Stressful – I always use to do my shopping once a week on a Friday night.  Before getting to the supermarket I would have made my way through rush hour (which is always worse on a Friday night).  I would therefore arrive at the supermarket stressed, tired and hungry – not ideal for doing a week’s shopping.  Needless to say items were forgotten, tempers were frail and I could not wait to get out of the place.  I then had to battle through the supermarket car park and traffic to get home only to find there were no parking spaces left.  Once I had parked the car I then had to carry all the bags indoor and unpack.  By this time I was even more hungry and tired.  I did not want to cook anything so we ended up with a take away.

So now you can see why it is so easy for me to stick with my New Years Resolution!

There have been challenges so far for example when I returned from holiday I had to do trips on consecutive days to restock my fresh ingredients but I am determined to continue.



Yes, I can honestly say that for the last year I have not used my car to do my grocery shopping.

At times this has been challenging.  On returning from holiday involved two trips in three days to restock the fridge and cupboards of fresh items.  That said I have enjoyed every minute of the challenge.  Yes even in the wind and rain I still enjoyed my walks(luckily there has been no snow).

I did allow myself one use of my car in December.  This was for a Christmas Shop and involved bringing home an 8 kg turkey and Christmas drink.  I do not feel that I have cheated myself in any way.  This was in no way my normal weekly shop and in fact I had walked to the supermarket the previous night to do my normal shop.

It is my intention to continue to walk to the supermarket as much as possible.  This is such an easy way to exercise.  Furthermore I have spent so much less on food which I obviously did not need.  So this last year there have been gains all round.  I am though looking forward to shopping in some supermarkets which are only reachable by car.  Perhaps I can limit myself to one of these a month as a treat.


Making New Year resolutions is one thing. Remaining resolute and seeing them through is quite another

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