I can’t believe I am writing another post about the highlights of my last four Theatre trips.  The time seems to whizz by but this is probably because I do seem to be at the theatre every week.  Not that I am complaining, I have seen some fantastic shows over the last few weeks.

THE TRUTH at Wyndham’s Theatre, London

A play and comedy by Florian Zeller with a simplistic set about extra marital affairs.  There are two couples and as the story unfolds it becomes apparent that they are having affairs with each other.  The play showed very cleverly in a comical way how everyone was trying to hide the truth from each other.

The play lasts for one and a half hours and there is no interval.  To be honest this is perfect for me.  I do find that an interval breaks the momentum of a show and then for the first 15-20 minutes everyone is settling down again.  Whereas when you are watching a play such as The Truth you don’t want it to stop you just want to get to find out what happens.

The theatre is air conditioned and this was very much welcomed as we visited on a hot summers afternoon.  So far as the seats were concerned, they were one of the most comfortable  I have sat in.

The Truth by Florian Zeller

A comedy where everyone did everything possible to avoid The Truth

THE GO BETWEEN at The Apollo, Shaftesbury Avenue, London

An adaptation of L P Hartley’s novel starring Michael Crawford.  I don’t mind admitting that when I found out Michael Crawford was to return to the London stage I booked my tickets before finding out what the show was about.  For one moment I did not expect Michael to have a major role or become the highlight of the evening, I just want to see him again.

Surprisingly, Michael has the most important part and is on stage most of the time.  When Michael started to sing you could hear echoes of The Phantom and the hairs on the back of my neck were raised once more.  I was curious as to how old Michael was and was amazed to find out he is in his seventies.

My only wish would be for the production to be moved to a different theatre.  I sat in the stalls in the most expensive seats and although I am only 5ft 4 inches I struggled with the amount of leg room.  At the interval I had to stand up to stretch my legs and relieve my bottom from the hard seats.

I will seriously consider what seats (if any) to book for any further productions at The Apollo.

ALLEGRO at The Southwark Playhouse, London

If you have read my other theatre posts you will already be aware that I like going to shows that are ‘off west end’ as much as going to the west end theatres.  There is a special atmosphere that you only get from going to smaller venues.  Often I find you have to concentrate more and the production is a lot more intense.

So when I found out a Rodgers and Hammerstein production was going to get its European premiere at the Southwark Playhouse I did not hesitate in booking my tickets.  Allegro originally opened on Broadway in 1947.

To say that I was not disappointed is an understatement.  The story was clear from the beginning and very easy to understand.  I like stories told through singing and there was definitely more singing than talking.  There is very little scenery/props and this is used very cleverly in different combinations.  The lack of scenery allows you to concentrate on the performances.  This will definitely be remembered as one of my theatre highlights in 2016

The musical was acted out in the centre with rows of seats either side.  Although we were sat centrally this could possibly be a problem if you were seated at one end.  If this production moves to the West End I will certainly be going again.   Although I loved the intimacy of a small venue I would like to see the performance on a big stage.

Allegro at the Southwark Playhouse

If you get the chance go and see this musical

AMERICAN IDIOT at The Arts Theatre, London

This award winning Broadway musical using the hits of Green Day follows the lives of three American teenagers after 9/11.

The bar area/box office was very busy and noisy so we decided to find our seats.  Equally the toilets (there was only four) were also very busy.  With only one person checking tickets on the door repeatedly telling everyone what they could and couldn’t do it took forever to get to our seat.

Once in our seats (Row E and very good) I started to look around and it became apparent that the audience  was very much younger.  I did wonder whether this was going to turn into a concert.  However, once the show started everyone was quiet and it was only in the encore that everyone stood up and sang along to the Green Day Anthems.

One of the reasons I booked tickets is because I have always loved listening to the band Green Day.  The show far exceeded my expectations and the reservations I had at the beginning soon disappeared.  I will add though that the language and some of the scenes may not appeal to everyone.  Don’t get me wrong I think that they very much deserve to be in the show as this is a representation on today’s society.

Green Day's American Idiot

If you love Green Day you will love this and even if you don’t know any Green Day songs it is a powerful story


I am going to slow things down a little.  As much as I love the theatre I want to concentrate on the other sections of my blog.  I have a couple of theatre trips in October The Libertine and Murder Ballad so by the end of October you can expect to see what I thought about these together with The Bodyguard a couple of weeks ago.

Just before I sign off if you do go to the theatre please remember your Theatre Etiquette.  You can read about my view on Theatre Etiquette here







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