Fifty B4 Fifty


Fifty B4 Fifty is about completing 50 activities/task up to and during my 50th year.  Most of the activities are new to me.  I am 50 in July 2018 and I know the next couple of years are going to pass very quickly.

I have split my activities into five categories.  You might think the names of my categories are a bit strange but I thought it would be fun for the first letter of each category to spell the word FIFTY  Each time I complete one of my activities I will write a post and there will be a link to on this page to the post.

Fun – I found it fairly easy to come up with these and I am looking forward to each and every one.

  • Visit Stratford Upon Avon (4th activity) – Click here for update
  • Visit Houses of Parliament
  • Visit Buckingham Palace (5th activity) – Click here for update
  • Watch Trooping of the Colour
  • Go to the Ballet
  • Visit Shakespeare’s Globe – (3rd Activity) – Click here for update
  • Watch Lord Mayor’s Parade
  • Go to a concert in an outdoor venue
  • Visit all (33) London Boroughs in 1 Day
  •  Visit Dover Castle

Improve – You are never too old to learn something new and felt it was important to have 10 activities which involved learning something new.

  • Volunteer at an Event
  • Learn Basic Car Maintenance
  • Taster Sessions on a New Language
  • Write a Blog – (1st Activity) – Click here for update
  • 30 Day Challenge
  • Visit to London Planetarium
  • Learn a form of self defence
  • Try a new exercise
  • Keep a New Year’s Resolution for one year – (2nd Activity) – Click here for update
  • Walk 1 mile a day for 50 consecutive days

Food & Drink – I am looking forward to these as I not only love visiting new places to eat and drink, I love cooking too.

  • Cake decorating
  • Wine tasting (7th Activity) Click here for update
  • Cocktail making
  • Fish and Chips at the Seaside
  • Go for a Picnic
  • Go for a curry in Brick Lane
  • London Pub Tour
  • Cook on a camp fire
  • Visit a Brewery
  • Coffee Tasting

Thrill – These are extra special to me and I am sure they will have ever lasting memories

  • Attend a live sporting event (5th Activity) – Click here for update
  • Night at the Proms
  • Go up the Shard – (6th Activity) – Click here for update
  • Go on a Cruise
  • Visit Edinburgh for Hogmanay
  • A Day at the Races
  • Sunset at Café Del Mar in Ibiza
  • Afternoon Tea at the Ritz
  • Canal Boat Trip
  • Dine in a top chef’s restaurant

Youth – I wanted to do some things that are more commonly experienced by people younger than me just to show that you are never too old to do anything.

  • Detox
  • Try an alternative therapy
  • Go Glamping
  • Change hair colour
  • Stay in a Youth Hostel
  • Go to Summer Solstice at Stonehenge
  • Go swimming at Midnight
  • Go to a Festival
  • Go to Notting Hill Carnival
  • Complete 5 10K Races

As you can see I have an exciting time ahead.

Any suggestions/comments are always welcome.


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