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Thank you for wishing to make contact with me.  I love to hear your comments and suggestions so just fill in the form below and I will always reply.


I am PR friendly and I am happy to accept products and samples for review on my blog.

I will however only consider anything which is relevant to my blog e.g. Fifty B4 Fifty,  Days Out and Nights Away, Theatre and Shopping including reviews.  Also any posts written on my blog will be 100% my own opinion and I will not be influenced by any brand or company.

I will make a disclosure on all posts featuring products and samples sent for review.

I am  happy to collaborate on content.  However I will only consider anything which is relevant or will add value to my blog.  Once again all collaborated content will be disclosed.

If you would like to discuss anything please contact me.  My email address is Alternatively you can contact me via my Twitter handle @midlifemyway.

I look forward to hearing from you.