An Online Shopping Review of Bee Good

I recently bought some products from Bee Good and was impressed with their customer service.  So much so that I decided that my online shopping experience deserved a little review.

I first became aware of  Bee Good products last year when I was handed a good-sized sample in a goodie bag.  After trying the product for a few days by skin was noticeably different for the right reasons.  I have sensitive skin and have to be careful not to inflame my skin.  As I had found a product that is kind to my skin as well as giving good noticeable results  I decided to buy some full size products.


I placed my order on New Years Eve which also happened to be a Saturday.  Yes I know not the best day to a response but I like to put companies to the test.  My order was acknowledged almost immediately.  The message also advised that my order would be delayed due to the bank holiday.  I did not expect my order to be dispatched immediately but it was nice to be kept informed.

On reading through my confirmation I thought I had missed a line from my address so I sent a message expecting to get a reply on Tuesday after the bank holiday.  To my surprise I received a personal reply within the hour.  This was great as it I could relax knowing my goods were to be delivered to the correct address.

On the 2nd January (bank holiday Monday) I received an email to advise my order had been prepared.

Within a couple of days the staff from Bee Good had personally spoke to me via email/messages more than I would ever get face to face in a shop.


My Bee Good parcel

On opening the box it was so obvious that the products had been wrapped with care and attention.

My order arrived beautifully packaged.  Also inside my parcel, were some little extras such as Bee Patterned Chocolates (which were yummy) made by New Forest Chocolates and some flower seeds .  The flower seeds are for me to plant so that more flowers will attract more bees.  The package had been hand wrapped with care and attention.  There was even a cute bee sticker holding the wrapping together.

Inside the box not only were my products but some lovely chocolates and flower seeds to encourage more Bees.


The quality of Bee Good products shines through from the staff, to the packaging and finally their products.  I will most definitely be trying other Bee Good products in the future.

Through my love of Bee Good and their products I now have so much more respect for Bees.   Believe it or not I am actually frightened of bees.  However I will in the future give them the utmost respect for the goodness they provide.

For more information on Bee Good you can click here

Chocolates by New Forest Chocolates

The chocolates contained honey.



  • Emily O'Neill February 25, 2017 at 8:11 am

    The products look really lovely! I’ve had some very good experiences of online shopping recently too, excellent customer service really makes a big difference.

    • jo February 25, 2017 at 5:22 pm

      Hi Emily, yes you are right. For me good customer services makes me valued as a customer.


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