About MidLifeMyWay


Firstly, Hello and Thank You for taking time to stop by and read about My MidLifeMyWay.

I came up with the idea to start a blog  at the end of 2015.  It suddenly dawned on me that it was just over 30 months until I was 50 and I wanted to acknowledge this milestone with an achievement.  I did think about trekking up a mountain or running a marathon but to be honest although I do enjoy both jogging and walking neither gave me excitement or enthusiasm I knew I would need to achieve either of these.

I decided that I wanted to do 50 activities/tasks before I was 50 and that I wanted to document my achievements, and what better way than to document my milestone on a blog.  I have been inspired and in awe of my daughter’s blogs and this has given me the confidence and passion to start a blog of my own.  I love computers and the internet but blogging is completely new to me but I love learning.  By the  way Number 1 on my Fifty b4 Fifty list is to have an active blog by the time I am 50.

As well as writing about Fifty B4 Fifty I want to show you that you are never too old to have fun.  In fact I am doing more in my forties than I ever did in my twenties or thirties.  Also now that I am that little bit older it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to experience  shopping trips, eating in nice restaurants or fun days out. I just want a different experience.  In my blog I hope to show you that you can continue to have fun no matter what age you are.

The final area of my blog which I want to develop is all about reviews and customer service.  For nearly fifteen years of my working life I was involved face to face with the general public on a daily basis.  Although demanding I loved every minute.  I have some fond memories of being able to help people at difficult times.  I see no reason why being polite and courteous can not be the norm and I am on a quest to find the companies who go above and beyond.

It’s all about My Mid Life My Way.

JoForty is the old age of youth;Fifty is the youth of old age (1)